Are beliefs voluntary?

The answer to the question posed in the title of this essay, which is widely accepted, is that some of our beliefs are voluntary and others are not. In this essay, I will first explore which kinds of beliefs are directly voluntary (direct doxastic voluntarism), that is, beliefs that depend directly on our will, and... Continue Reading →

Is The Problem of Evil Actually a Problem?

The Problem of Evil The problem of evil used to be considered a logical problem. It was claimed that God’s existence was incompatible with the existence of evil. However, it turned out that there was no logical problem of evil, that is, God’s existence turned out to be consistent with the fact that evil events... Continue Reading →

Problems & Solutions for Theism

In September of 2016, I began to lose my Christian faith. I always believed that there was good evidence to support my belief in God, but I had never really dedicated much time to assessing the evidence for myself. However, when I started to assess with evidence, it didn't seem as conclusive as I had... Continue Reading →

What is Faith?

Faith as Belief that In common usage, faith can sometimes mean “belief that”, where there is an object of belief that is taken to be true, such as the proposition “there is a God”, “all bachelors are unmarried men”, or “Donald Trump is the president of America”. Belief-that is, therefore, an intellectual commitment that one... Continue Reading →

Is Faith a Virtue?

Before turning my attention to the existence of God, I thought it would be useful to start off this series by focusing on faith. The reason for this is that even if God does exist, I find it problematic to view faith as a virtue. It is worth clarifying at this point that I will... Continue Reading →

The Problem of Evil & The Afterlife

The problem of evil is among the favourites in the atheist’s repertoire of arguments against theism. Here, I would like to offer some of what I consider to be the biggest problems that theists need to overcome, if God’s existence is to be taken seriously. The logical problem of evil is the thesis that the... Continue Reading →

Was Jesus a Failed Apocalyptic Prophet?

The entire Christian religion hangs on the question whether Jesus was the Christ--God’s anointed one. If it could be shown that one of Jesus' prophecies had actually failed, this would cast doubt on the legitimacy of his status, and should cause people to reassess their trust in him and the texts that make claims about... Continue Reading →

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